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Wow, I didn’t expect my followers number to drop like that after I posted that video. :/

If you’re reading this on your dash right now

thank you for not unfollowing me<33

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I thought that was a great first movie review :D (also I have that same Grinch plush)

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Thank you sooooooooooo much! Really!!<33333333

(+ haha, that’s awesome! xD)

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That was pretty good for a first review! My only criticism was that it could have used a few more jokes but you were still loads funnier than this movie! I love how all the "teenagers" in this were probably in their late 20's :P

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Thank you very much! :) I didn’t have enough jokes because that movie made me so ANGRY and it was difficult to make something hilarious out of it and also, I am, admittedly, not a very funny person usually, my sister is MUCH funnier than me and I bet she would have been a riot had she reviewed that with me. xD

Thanks so much for watching, that means a lot, really!<3333333

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solowoohooinpillowfort sadboyinc & king-of-jaffahampton you are all amazing, thank you for your interest in my first [and kinda awkward lol] review<3

I really should avoid movies like this. -_- It honestly did anger me within the first few minutes and I only kept watching it so I could see how bad it was and if I could review it. And I did. :3

I was an idiot and added a contrast filter to it because it actually looked too bright on my editor but I guess it lost quality and darkened itself on its way to youtube. I might reupload it again later without it. 

Btw, no offense to anyone who actually likes this movie or found it amusing, I personally did not. >_<

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So I reviewed a film I never should have watched in the first place, anyone want to see it? :3

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Sokol, you’re really disappointing me.. :/

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This is the 2nd time TBM are gonna be in Texas on my birthday. If the drive wasn’t so freaking far, I’d go. :(

*Still crossing fingers for an Omaha date* :3

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*Fingers crossed for Omaha date*

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I think DevilBoner needs to be on the show more. The problem is that he wouldn't fit into a story line very well. :p

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I think there could be some different things they could try with him. If they had the right review/story, it could work. ;D - donna

maybe he could be in an ad before or after the commercial break to promote his cereal?


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I hate being disappointed in myself so often because I have so many good ideas for stories but I can’t seem to bring them to life the way I want to. No matter how hard I try, they just don’t work. It’s just really frustrating. :/

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Here are the intro slides I made for our SDCC Korra panelists. I had a very narrow slice of time in which to make them, but had a ton of fun in doing so.

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